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How to topup Balance in Binance?

1. Click on middle bottom button

2. Click Buy

3. Choose TetherUS (USDT)

4. Click on currency for change to your currency

5. Choose your currency

6. Click on right (USDT)

7. Input amount USDT that you need for paying our product, then click Buy USDT

8. Click more for see more payment available

9. Choose your payment method. then, click Confirm

10. Click chat

11. You can chat with P2P USDT seller (random seller) and confirmation with him

12. After chat confirmation, click Make Payment

13. You can get his number for payment and then pay to him
14. After paid, you can click Transferred, notify seller

15. You can click chat again for let him know if already paid and wait until his process done
16. Finally, you receive your USDT balance!

If you confused, you can ask me for guidence.
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